What are Switch Disconnectors?

What are Switch Disconnectors?

Electrical appliances used in our homes usually have a simple push-button and a plug connected to a power unit. Once either or both are disconnected from the power source, the electricity is turned off. Now imagine this same process, but for large industrial appliances and units. Can a simple pull of the plug work for such scenarios? No. The reason is that, unlike our homes, industrial machines and equipment are interconnected. Often one unit needs to be disconnected for repair while all others continue to function normally.

To solve this problem, switch disconnectors are used.

Switch disconnectors, also known as power isolators, are devices that help disconnect the electricity from the appliance or machinery. For this purpose, there are many types of switch disconnectors used, including automatic and manual disconnectors. The main utility of a disconnector is during the time of repairs and replacements. Disconnecting the power supply ensures that workers can work safely and without any risks of electrical shocks.

How Does A Switch Disconnector Work?

Switch disconnectors often come with a manual or motor-operated mechanism. Depending on the need of users, a specific type of disconnector is used. These disconnectors have auxiliary switches which indicate different parameters, such as current transfer switching and disconnector position. The disconnector setup also has an earthing switch that helps isolate the dead circuits.

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Application and Benefits of Switch Disconnectors

Most of our electrical appliances, whether they are used for industrial or domestic use, require regular repairs. These devices cannot be repaired while they are actively consuming electricity. Hence, switch disconnectors or power isolators are used. These devices cut off the electricity and allow technicians to safely carry out repairs. Switch disconnectors have become a standardized norm in most equipment and machinery. Another common use of switch disconnectors is in car battery repairs. The biggest benefit of these devices is the foolproof protection they offer against any damage to the equipment or person.

Types of Switch Disconnectors

Just like most electrical devices, switch disconnectors come in many varieties depending on the use. The most common type of switch disconnectors is:

  1. Poles - Poles here mean the number of circuits a switch can control. So switch disconnectors are often equipped with poles in varying capacities. From double pole, triple pole to four-pole are all used depending on the disconnection requirements within an electrical circuit.
  2. Phases - Switch disconnectors come in single-phase and three-phase disconnector types. The three-phase devices are specifically preferred for high-voltage equipment. The phase mechanism in a fuse disconnector offers added protection to the repairmen.

Choosing The Right Switch Disconnector

There is a wide range of switch disconnectors available in the market today. All these are designed for specific needs. So, when you head out to buy a switch disconnector, make sure to look for some key features. The primary one is the rated current. This is the threshold of the maximum power an appliance or equipment can withstand. You can look for this information in the manufacturer’s documentation. Irrespective of the type of disconnector you choose, ensure that it has been tested thoroughly. In addition, you can also request the manufacturer for testing certificates. These will help you feel assured that the switch disconnector is tested and is proven to be reliable.

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Switch Disconnectors By Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a leading electrical device manufacturer. The brand has amassed a strong name for itself across the globe. Schneider Electric designs a wide range of electrical appliances and accessories that make the lives of consumers simpler. Offering high-quality products at cost-effective prices has become a marker that defines Schneider Electric. These very standards of quality are seen in the switch disconnectors designed, manufactured, and distributed by Schneider Electric. The brand boosts of a wide range of switch disconnectors that incorporate the latest ComPact and MasterPact technologies. The switch disconnectors offered by Schneider Electric can be used both manually or remotely to disconnect the power lines. These switch disconnectors are reliable and offer complete protection to all personnel. If you are looking to invest in switch disconnectors, then head to Schneider Electric to get some great deals on reliable products.

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