Tracing The Start of Home Automation

Tracing The Start of Home Automation

Automation has taken on a whole new meaning today. Now it means wireless technology that is connected to multiple devices. Yet home automation has humble origins. Imagine the very first washing machine, dishwasher, the refrigerator or even the very first steam iron - each of these inventions falls under the category of home automation. Home automation is thus anything that reduces human effort. These human automation tools are so frequently used today that we have taken them for granted. Yet in 1975, X10 was developed.

This was the very first home automation network technology that allowed consumers to remote control their appliances. This used remotes that enabled electronic signaling for control. To further understand this, visualize the very first TV remote that was used to surf channels from a distance. This technology, was in its nascent stages in the 1900s but in the last decade has grown by leaps and bounds.

Home Automation in The Modern World

Several people usually wonder what home automation truly means! You can imagine home automation as a virtual network of appliances. This includes scheduled and timed tasks, including turning on and off the lights, geysers, room heaters, and more. In addition, home security systems also come under the home automation network. Home automation systems are designed to make your daily life more systematic and organized. So, you can focus on priorities that truly matter. For instance, if you receive a lot of packages from delivery agents, then a smart home would enable/disable the locks when the delivery person shows up. This system is truly automated and organized. This home automation is usually controlled via wi-fi, Bluetooth, voice assistants, or remote devices.

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Types of Home Automation Technology

While home automation is a large product category, there are much smaller and specific technologies that make up a smart home. In this section, we will explore the many types of home automation technologies.

  1. Lightning Control - Automated lighting systems are those that belong to a smart network where different lighting equipment communicates with each other. So you have the power to brighten or dim lights in a specific room or area of the house.
  2. HVAC - Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are also air quality systems that are spread across the home and monitor all activities.
  3. Appliance Control - Here the appliance is operated using a smart grid and smart meter. For instance, one could utilize energy generated from solar panels to operate washing machines.
  4. Home AI and security - Many homes need added security today, and this is precisely what modern home automation offers. You can monitor your home for any intrusion and take immediate action.
  5. Leak Detection - Gas leaks, elevated carbon monoxide levels, and an increase in CO levels can all be detected with the aid of leak detection software. This can help safeguard the health of your family and prevent any health hazards.

Complete and Effective Home Automation With Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a name that needs no introduction. The brand has devised an advanced home automation system called Wiser. With Wiser, you can combine and enable communication between different home functions. For instance, you can easily and effectively control music, lighting, home theatre, air conditioning, garden sprinklers, exhaust and so much more with the aid of Wiser’s home automation technology.

Specifically, Scheider Electric offers an advanced home lighting automation system that will transform the ambiance of your home. Automated lighting systems don’t just elevate your interiors and decor but make it convenient to control the lighting in your home. Schneider Electric’s smart home lighting systems are cost-effective, efficient, and durable. The range of products from Schneider Electric is designed to adapt to the varied needs of Indian homes.

When advanced tech meets Indian design sensibilities - you know it’s a match made in automation heaven.

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