Top Home Voice Control Devices: Home Automation

Top Home Voice Control Devices: Home Automation

How do you feel about the times when you are doing your dishes and suddenly hear the doorbell ring? With foam in your hands and water dripping from your faucet, you need to rush and get the door. But what if we tell you you no longer need to do that as you can live in a home where everything can be done with just one command? Fascinating, isn’t it? Gone are the days of frustration when you need to do all your house chores manually. With the innovation of smart homes, you can control a wide range of gadgets and home appliances just by using your voice. Introducing voice activated devices that effortlessly translate all your commands into action.

What Are Voice Activated Devices?

Before we move into the products, let us first understand what this voice activated devices are. Simply put, they are a range of high-quality home automation systems that can transform an ordinary household into a smart home. They are a marvel in the arena of smart home technology that extends the potentialities of virtual assistants to meet the needs of the owners.

These voice controlled devices integrate voice control features, thereby enabling the owners to command lights, kitchen appliances, doors, curtains and even thermostats. This transition made traditional interfaces like touchscreens and remote controls obsolete as it offered a more hands-free and intuitive experience. Initially, the implementation of voice activation was rudimentary, and users could only get answers to simple queries, play music, and set timers. However, with the advancement and innovation of technology, they are seamlessly integrated and adapted into smart homes.

The gradual expansion of the vocabulary of voice controlled home automation devices has paved the way for more complex and intricate voice commands. These devices are remarkable instances of relentless technological innovation that makes daily life easier.

Top 5 Voice Activated Devices For Your Future Ready Homes

With so many options out there, how do you know which one will suffice your needs and is best suited for your smart home? Well, to make your research a little easier, here is a curated list of some of the best voice-controlled home automation devices that are not only popular but also extremely efficient.

1. Wiser Single Channel Curtain Controller

As the name suggests, this device controls the curtains of your home. This system is efficient in controlling skylights, roller curtains, Venetian blinds, motorised blackout curtains and motorised gates. Apart from these, if your house has drapes, you can still put this system to use. You can use voice or touch commands to control your curtains without having to get up from your bed all the time.

2. Wiser Fan Speed Controller

This is one of the smallest devices available but loaded with some of the most high-end features. Being 100% retrofit, it can easily be installed behind your existing switches. With this device, you can efficiently control fan speed using your voice or app control. You can integrate the Internet of Things aggregator (IoT) and combine it with other Z-wave devices to give voice commands.

3. Wiser 4 Channel Automation Relay

With this device, you can now easily control all your home appliances wirelessly with the help of an app on your smartphone. It is also integrated with virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Home that allow you to use voice commands to control electronic devices. It is designed to be 100% retrofit and can easily be installed behind your existing switches without causing them any harm. You can also configure this system with any other Z-wave-enabled controller or remote that allows you the comfort to effortlessly control even when you are not at home. The best part is that you can control up to 4 home appliances with this system.

4. Wiser Automation Gateway

This system allows you to control your devices from anywhere around the world. You can either do so with a single tap by downloading the app on your smartphone. The best part is that it comes integrated with Google Assistant and Alexa, allowing you to control your devices through voice commands. The Wiser automation gateway is powered by 5Vdc and can be placed anywhere on the table or desk for easy interaction. Additionally, you can connect the system with Wifi, LAN, and Z-waves and control the interface through the app. That is not all; you can also always enable push notifications on your Android or iOS devices for better connectivity.

5. Wiser-1 Channel Analog Dimmer + 1 Channel Fan/Direct Dimmer

With this system, you can convert your mechanical switches into smart switches. You can adjust the brightness of your lights and control the speed of your fan to get the best of every moment. It supports 1-channel analog dimmer and 1-channel direct dimmer, along with 1 channel fan. It comes with fan and dimmer mode only that allows you to control your lights and fan with a single app on your smartphone. The system is also integrated with Google Home and Alexa, which enables you to adjust the dimness of your lights and fan speed through voice commands. Apart from this, you can also integrate the dimmer with any Z-wave controller or remote to enjoy effortless dimming.

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With the advancement of voice automation technology, the concept of smart homes is expected to grow. These systems not only reduce user challenges but also offer intuitive and sophisticated ways to control and interact with their homes. Using these systems home owners can feel like the masters of a genie who is ready to take on every command at any moment and make life more comfortable and hassle-free.

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