Smart Solutions by Schneider Electric for Working from Home during the Pandemic

Smart Solutions by Schneider Electric for Working from Home during the Pandemic

In today’s world, when computer systems and electronic equipment are becoming more sophisticated by the moment, a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) has become a must-have device. Especially, in today’s work from home (WFH) environment, it is more necessary than ever. But there is more to today’s story then meets the eye. It’s about how we combined an APC UPS and Schneider Electric’s smart home solution – Wiser – to create the ideal WFH setup.

Setting Up

Selecting the UPS:

APC offers a variety of choices when it comes to home UPS options. For our setup, we used the APC UPS BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V Back UPS. Apart from offering decent power backup, this is one of the best-looking UPS’ in the market. The UPS offers surge protection for wireless networks, computers and home entertainment devices, which made it ideal for our use case.

Selecting the smart home package:

Schneider Electric offers the Wiser smart home solution in three packages, Prime, Grand and Luxury. For our setup, we went for the mid-range variant, the Prime package. It offers two 4-channel relays which were sufficient for setting up our smart WFH project.

Connecting devices:

The 4-channel relays can support a hefty list of devices, including a combination of lights and fans (up to 4), an air conditioner, geyser or television. We utilized the two relays for connecting the work computer systems (a PC and laptop), printer and Wi-Fi router.


How the system works 

Providing backup power:

The UPS works as expected, providing power backup when there is a power cut, which happens quite often in our location (hint: Gurgaon). The APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V is one of the best UPS for home use, offering ample power for the price.

Automating the workflow:

The smart home system solution makes it a breeze to connect remotely to the system. After setting up ‘AC power to wake’ in the computer, we can gain remote access to all the work-related files and programs on the go. Sometimes it also helps when you are away from the system, but not away from the system (wink!).

So, if you too are looking for a UPS or exploring smart home technologies online, we can confidently recommend APC and Schneider Electric as trustworthy companions. There are definitely other exciting possibilities with these automated systems, such as controlling your cooking or laundry chores while working from home, but we leave them to you to explore.

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