Smart Home Technology for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Smart Home Technology for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Our precious planet Earth is at present being choked by the deadly grasp of pollution. Each day more and more studies show the detrimental effects of pollution on the environment. Thereby they accentuate the enormous importance of the idea of sustainable development. A sustainable lifestyle at the individual level becomes a key contribution towards sustainable living.  

Smart Homes – The Smartest Choice for Sustainable Living 

With technological advances refining almost all facets of our lives through a plethora of ‘smart’ devices, smart home solutions are unequivocally the future. 

With smart homes already a reality in many countries, studies indicate that by 2025, the number of smart homes will touch almost a record 450 million! When this currently burgeoning arena of smart home technologies or home automation follows the basic principles of sustainability, it can pave the way for a more comfortable and sustainable future.

Read on to know more about smart home technologies and how they enable sustainable living. 

What are Smart Homes Technologies? 

Houses equipped with a variety of home automation technologies which permit the configuration of suites of devices, systems, or appliances, through one shared network are called smart homes. Smart home technology, such as a home automation relay module, for instance, allows us to obtain total control over all devices in our home through a simple voice command or an App installed on our smartphones.  

One simple example suffices to explain how smart home technologies work – Suppose you have left home in a hurry and you suddenly realise that the air conditioning has remained switched on. If the air conditioning unit of your home along with other electrical devices such as lights, fans, thermostats, locks, security cameras, and so on, are connected to a single system that you can control via your smartphone, you will have nothing to worry about!  You can switch off the air conditioning even from a distance using your phone and save both your device and precious electricity!  

Thus, smart homes welcome you into a life of technology-driven efficiency, comfort, and luxury but in ways that are cost-effective, energy-saving, and sustainable.

What is Meant by Home Automation Technology? 

Home automation technology comprises a wide variety of products that can be used to aid people in simplifying their daily lifestyles. It also helps with the replication and automation of some principal everyday tasks thereby easing us into more hassle-free everyday living. 

Using home automation technologies ensures long-term cost-effectiveness and sustainability. One key advantage of home automation technologies is the amount of control they give us over the electrical appliances in our homes even when we are travelling or at some distance from them. Lights, fans, or other devices left switched on in ordinary houses will run until we physically reach home and switch them off again. This, as stated in the example before, is not the case with smart homes powered by home automation. Hence, we not only save on hefty electricity bills but also allow ourselves to be more responsible citizens by mapping real-time consumption of electricity on our smartphones and taking conscious steps to control our carbon footprints.

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How Exactly Do Smart Home Technologies Promote Sustainability? 

It must be already clear by now that smart homes pave the way to a greener future. Here are some more ways in which smart home technologies promote sustainability.

  1. Facilitating Energy Management

    Smart home technology allows us to integrate the various energy sources of our homes including battery backup, solar energy, power from utility, and electric vehicle charging. The App on your smartphone will not only know what to charge or power but also when and for how long. Besides, it will ensure that devices/appliances are powered in the most cost-effective way possible! Home automation technologies thus facilitate both the saving of energy as well as utility bills.

  2. Optimising Power Backup

    Power outages are a real, and in some places, frequent menace! In India, especially, power outages are still a real problem faced by people day in and out. In such cases, there is no other choice than to depend on battery backup for continuing daily activities. 

    Smart home technology allows you to choose what you want to power and for how long, thereby optimising battery runtime. It also permits you to see how your choices affect battery power. For example, if you choose to work on the computer using a battery backup, the App will show you in real-time how much battery time is reduced by this activity. This will you aware and more conscious about how to optimally use your devices by making intelligent, smart, and sustainable choices.

  3. Preventing Power Leaching

    Unnecessary use of power is a common occurrence in ordinary homes. Certain circuits often keep running even when we are not at home. This leads to avoidable leaching of power. 

    Smart home technologies are so devised that they can shut off unnecessary outlets and circuits at various points in the day when they are not being used. This has the dual effect of preventing power leaching and reducing energy bills.

Does it Make Sense to Invest in a Smart Home? 

People often hesitate to invest in smart homes even after knowing their benefits because they mistakenly believe that smart homes are expensive and hence, are only meant for the rich. Some also believe that it entails complicated and confusing operational mechanisms that need expertise. 

However, both of these are nothing but misconceptions. The long-term paybacks of smart homes make them exceptionally economical, comfortable, and sustainable investments. Smart homes are now becoming increasingly popular because of the following reasons:

  1. They are very convenient since the home automation relay system facilitates expedient management of all household devices using just an App on the smartphone.
  2. They aid in conserving energy in the long run by gauging the device preferences and suggesting the most optimum settings for each device to promote energy efficiency.
  3. They protect homes by permitting you to connect surveillance cameras, automated door locks, motion sensors, and various other kinds of security systems to the smart home network which you can control remotely, no matter where you are.
  4. They give you complete control over several basic home functions like lighting, device management, heating, etc.
  5. Home automation networks used in smart homes are extraordinarily amenable to the integration of new technologies, devices, and appliances into the system.

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Choose Green and Smart Homes as Responsible Citizens 

While many may still be unsure of home automation at present, it is possible to take baby steps towards sustainability through smart home technologies. One rewarding way of initiating this process is to explore possibilities that allow for the reduction of energy consumption and waste production in your home. First, you need to analyse your present needs and start making small lifestyle and equipment changes using smart technologies. This will be beneficial both for you as well as the environment in the long run, thereby promoting sustainable living 

Today, most companies that specialise in home automation pay special attention to technologies that promote sustainability while enhancing the comfort of our homes. Besides, these technologies entail pretty simple mechanisms for operation. Could we ask for more?

A Sneak Peek into Schneider Electric eShop’s Range of Smart Home Technologies

If the twin benefits of comfort and sustainability have convinced you to opt for home automation, you need to look no further than the Schneider electric eShop. Here are some of the many smart home solutions the eShop offers that will surely spruce and green up your home. 

  1. Wiser-Automation Gateway

    The Wiser-Automation Gateway has spelt revolution in the world of smart home technology. This smart home technology permits you total voice control over devices. Compatible with any Android and iOS device, along with Alexa and Google Home, it is an easy, comprehensive, and sustainable smart home solution. 

  2. Wiser-4 Channel Automation Relay Module

    Undoubtedly the best product of this type in the market, the Wiser home automation relay module from Schneider Electric eShop boasts being the first of its kind to allow you to control as many as four switches. Its tiny size ensures an easy fit between already existing switches. This product is exceedingly popular as a simple regulator offering control over multiple devices and appliances. It allows for remote management using voice control, an App, or an IoT aggregator. 

Schneider Electric eShop for All Your Smart Home Needs!

Now that you know all about smart home technology and how it can help reduce your carbon footprint while adding to your ease of living, it is time to smarten up your home! If you are worried about the quality of products available in the market, you can rest assured with Schneider Electric. Schneider Electric is one of the most trusted brands in the market for smart home solutions.  

Check out the wide range of home automation products as well as other electrical equipment on the Schneider Electric eShop. For more information, feel free to contact the support team.
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