Schneider Electric Stabilizers: Why and Where Do You Need them

Schneider Electric Stabilizers: Why and Where Do You Need them

Certain inventions of humankind have progressed civilization in a completely different way, and electricity is one of them. Presently, it is a crucial part of our daily existence. But as important it is, it also possesses a potential threat to life if not handled carefully.

It's not uncommon for us to experience voltage up and down. However, it can be a potential threat to connected household devices, often causing them to burn out. Therefore, to reduce the risks of electrical damage, voltage stabilizers are often used as electrical protection devices that serves as a regulator of current. It is designed to ensure a constant flow of a particular voltage regardless of the increase or decrease in the supply voltage. It protects electrical appliances such as washing machines, air conditioners, televisions, and more, against voltage surges.

Also known as the automatic voltage regulator (AVR), these devices are specially purchased to secure expensive electric appliances from voltage fluctuations. There are many kinds of voltage regulators available in the current market. They can either be single or three-phase units, depending on the type of application and capacity (KVA) needed.

Why do we need them?

The primary use of a stabilizer is to control the voltage. The reason why we should have more stabilizers are as follows:

  • Protection against permanent damage to electrical equipment - Electronic devices are designed in a way that they are able to function correctly only under specified voltage levels. Recurring voltage fluctuations can damage the devices permanently. Since the electricity flows in a voltage which is sometimes at flux, installing a voltage stabilizer is important to maintain expensive electrical equipment such as Air Conditioners, TV, refrigerators, and computers.
  • A consistent backup even under negative circumstances
  • If the voltage of a specific electrical appliance is not at par with the desired levels, various difficulties can arise. A voltage stabilizer helps with the easy and smooth functioning of devices by keeping the voltage stable. The central objective of a voltage stabilizer is to deliver steady voltage to a load.

  • Increase longevity of electrical devices
  • Since voltage stabilizers are primarily used for protection, they can substantially improve the longevity of connected electrical devices. With voltage stabilizers connected, a household electrical device requires lesser maintenance. It also provides circuit overload protection and keeps your household wirings from any significant damage.

  • Improves the efficiency of connected devices
  • As voltage stabilizers provide electrical output at a consistent rate, it is able to meet the operating conditions of the connected devices the best. This greatly improves the efficiency of the connected devices, helping them to work optimally. This is also helpful in lowering the chances of device malfunctions and burnouts.

Surge Protectors from Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric brings you a wide variety of electrical voltage stabilizers to choose from for your household:

APC Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator -

This is a 1200VA / 600Watt Automatic Voltage Regulator. If you are looking for a stabilizer for your home, this is a perfect choice for appliances that are up to 600watts. The stabilizer automatically steps down the high voltage and steps up the low voltage, and maintains equilibrium. The APC Line-R 1200VA can handle voltage up to 165 - 280volts effectively.

APC Easy UPS BVX1200LI-IN 1200VA / 650W, 230V -

The APC by Schneider Electric Easy UPS provides power for wireless networks, gaming consoles, computers, and other electronic devices when there are power outages and voltage fluctuations. The outlets of the stabilizer give enough runtime for network gateway equipment and other critical low-power devices and allow for hours of internet access during a power outage. It comes with designs such as upright, flat, or wall-mounted to comfortably fit any electronics set-up and complement home décor.


It comes with an easy-to-understand LCD Screen and power-saving electricity Capacity. The battery is maintenance-free sealed lead acid with suspended electrolyte. The output capacity of the stabilizer is 360 watts/600VA. It is a good choice for businesses or offices.

APC Back UPS 600 -

The APC Back UPS 600 from Schneider Electric is one of the most budget-friendly models of hone voltage stabilizers and is a popularly purchased model across the nation. The APC Back UPS 600 is also preferred by clients because of its compact, streamlined design, three battery backup and surge protection, and cold start capacity. This voltage stabilizer model is also compatible with generators and low power loads.

Protect your electrical devices against voltage fluctuations

If you are looking to buy a voltage stabilizer for your household appliances, the online Schneider Electric store brings you a wide selection of carefully curated voltage stabilizers at an incredibly affordable price. Any kind of electrical equipment you need, you will get in the Schneider Electric e-store. You can look at the range of electrical components and appliances that are best suited for you and purchase them from the comfort of your home. Bring home the best circuit protection device against electrical damages with a new voltage stabilizer from Schneider Electric.

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