Schneider Electric, LED TV, and Stabilizer: what makes this the best combination?

Schneider Electric, LED TV, and Stabilizer: what makes this the best combination?

Simply buying a TV for your household is not enough. You must take necessary steps to protect it from electrical damages and accidents to make sure that it continues to function normally and also to prolong its life. 

One of the biggest problems or harmful factors that can damage televisions happens to be the inconsistency in voltages. A device needs a specific voltage to function properly. A value lower or higher than the specified range will definitely be damaging to the device.

But people still question the necessity of a stabilizer and ultimately refuse to get the best stabilizer for LED TV. Find out why a stabilizer is an absolute necessity for a TV. 

How does inconsistency in voltage affect an appliance?

The electricity that is supplied in our homes does not continue under the same value of voltage. Instead, it keeps changing. This does not pose a problem for objects that do not run on high power. For example, the speed of a fan may reduce when there is a drop in the voltage, and the light may begin to blink or lower its intensity. 

But for devices that use high electrical power, it can be quite detrimental if there is a drastic change in the voltage. If the value does not reach the standard of the required range, the appliance will not function as expected. Moreover, a higher voltage value may actually damage its parts and reduce the working period of its life. 

While uniform electricity is expected to be circulated in your home, there is no guarantee of it. There are many factors, such as poor wiring may trigger a voltage fluctuation. Similarly, if many appliances are being used at the same using the same power source, it may induce a change in the voltage value. The main risk lies with devices like LED TVs that utilize higher values of voltage and may end up causing a short circuit which can cause damage to the product itself. 

What is the purpose of a stabilizer?

You have already gone through the effects that a voltage fluctuation may have on the devices you are using in your homes, offices, or other settings. There is no way for you to rectify the source of the main power. But you can install another device to help correct the voltage before it passes to the connected appliances. This device is known as the stabilizer and is extremely efficient and necessary if you want to keep your electronics safe and sound. 

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Is a stabilizer for a Smart TV necessary?

Getting a stabilizer for a smart TV is always met with raised eyebrows because modern TV designs are made in such a way that voltage correcting devices are already installed inside the Smart TV models. Thus, people often hesitate to spend additional money for a stabilizer when the purpose is already being fulfilled by an inbuilt device within the TV. But is that enough? 

For a country where variable voltage is very common, it can be difficult to rely on minor devices to protect such a valuable appliance from suffering damage at the hands of changing voltage. Thus, it is always safer to get an additional safety catch that can provide extra protection in case there is a voltage fluctuation. 

How do you choose the right stabilizer for your TV?

Buying a stabilizer for your refrigerator or air conditioner is pretty common. But you will not find many people buying a stabilizer which is why you may face a bit of difficulty when looking for a voltage stabilizer for your LED TV. 

The same stabilizer that is used to protect a different appliance may not be fit for your TV. Instead, it is important to find out which stabilizer for LED TV is perfect. It is also important to find out whether the voltage range of the stabilizer is compatible with the TV model you will be using it for.

But how do you find the best stabilizer for your TV? The Answer is Schneider Electric.

TV stabilizers from Schneider Electric

Once you find the best stabilizer for TV from Schneider Electric, you do not have to spare a thought regarding protecting your TV. The stabilizer will efficiently do its job of increasing a low voltage and reducing a higher voltage. 

APC Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator

The voltage range of this model lies between 160 and 285 Volts. It effectively corrects the current to be used by the TV model it is connected to in case there are fluctuations.

APC UPS Model: BR1000G-IN 1 KVA Battery Backup

The design of this model is extremely attractive and is available with a warranty period of two years. It rectifies voltage fluctuation below 170V or above 294V.

Protect your valuable electrical appliances

Schneider Electric is not only concerned with providing your home with the latest technology that is available in the market but is also an expert in making sure that the technology, as well as the ones using it, remain safe and sound. 

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