Schneider Electric & Its Choice Of Mini UPS For Home

 Schneider Electric & Its Choice Of Mini UPS For Home

Electricity and computer access have significantly improved life in the 21st century. Though most people now own laptops with individual battery backup, many offices and households still prefer and rely on desktop computers. And one of the primary drawbacks of desktop computers is that they are completely reliant on a constant, uninterrupted power source to function. Therefore, during power cuts or voltage fluctuations, your desktop computer can abruptly shut down without letting you save your work. To avoid such inconveniences, you can connect a mini-UPS to your desktop computer at home. They are helpful in preventing electrical damage to expensive devices like desktop computers and small servers.

What is a mini-UPS?

Mini UPS, or mini–Uninterrupted Power System, is a must-have for households that use desktop computers. It lives up to its name by providing electricity during anomalies like a power cut or a voltage drop to make certain your computer is supplied with an uninterrupted energy source. Thus, no amount of time is wasted before the electricity is restored from the main supply to the small UPS for the home. In that way, you can continue your work without being disrupted. Moreover, the most convenient feature of a mini-UPS is its size. It does not take up much space and can be adjusted in any space that is available.

What are the benefits of a mini-UPS?

A mini-UPS can significantly improve your productivity and computer security during emergencies. They provide uninterrupted power to the connected desktop computer, preventing abrupt shutdowns. Mini UPS models provide emergency power to buy you some extra time while you save any unsaved data and securely turn off your device without causing any harm. Furthermore, it protects your device against electrical burnouts during overvoltage and electrical surges.

The latest models of mini-UPS from Schneider Electric are known for their quality-of-life benefits, including robust design for easy installation, durability, and operation, LED and LCD screens, and more. Furthermore, due to their lightweight, compact size, these mini-UPS models from Schneider Electric offer you convenient portability, allowing you to carry and connect them to any device around your house without any difficulty. Getting a digital home UPS is a wise choice to make while purchasing a mini-UPS for your home.

Mini UPS for home from Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors of mini-UPS for homes across the world. The most popular mini-UPS models are as follows:

Back-UPS Pro External Battery Pack 24V

The Back-UPS Pro External Battery Pack 24V is one of the most recommended mini-UPS models from the Schneider Electric online store. The Back-UPS Pro External Battery Pack 24V is the perfect solution for emergency power supply and electrical protection during blackouts and unstable voltage conditions. These high-performance and versatile UPS models are the best fit for desktop computers in homes, as well as for small servers and businesses. The LCD screen and green features make this UPS one of the best choices for home computers.

Some of the other mini-UPS models you can also consider are as follows:


This is an economical and high-performance mini-UPS model that is designed for fast and easy installation. The APC Back-UPS BX600C-IN model offers long-lasting electrical service and comes with overload and voltage protection, output optimization, and input correction. The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) with a wide input voltage range of 145-190V is compatible with low power loads as well, like a DSL modem and wifi router. The robust design and eco-friendly operation make this UPS a popular choice for your desktop computer at home.

APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V Back-UPS

The APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V Back-UPS is perfectly suited for domestic use, as well as for small to medium businesses. The APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V Back-UPS has been specifically designed for essential power supply and protection during electrical emergencies. This mini-UPS offers a higher power factor with better real output power, input power factor correction, and overvoltage protection. The APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V Back-UPS is compatible with all kinds of desktop computers and ensures uninterrupted energy supply during power interruptions, making it one of the best mini-UPS models for household use.

APC UPS Model: BR1000G-IN 1 KVA Battery Backup

APC UPS Model: BR1000G-IN 1 KVA Battery Backup is a popular choice of mini-UPS for your desktop computer at home. This UPS with its PowerChute management software maximizes the performance of your desktop computer. The APC UPS Model: BR1000G-IN 1 KVA Battery Backup can help minimize potential electrical risks and prevents overloading and device burnout during electrical anomalies like surges. Furthermore, the convenient design and robust construction make this high-efficiency mini-UPS model long-lasting, with minimum maintenance and service charges.

Buy the best mini-UPS for your desktop computer at Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is one of the best suppliers of mini-UPS systems worldwide. In addition, you can avail of exciting offers on electrical products at affordable prices. The online Schneider Electric store offers a wide selection of mini-UPS models, as well as a great collection of electrical components and devices to choose from.

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