Reasons for Using a Dimmer for your Home's Lighting

Reasons for Using a Dimmer for your Home's Lighting

Dimmers are becoming commonplace in modern homes, especially where homeowners are using smart home technologies for managing ambient lighting. However, there are several other benefits of using dimmers in your home’s electrical setup, namely,

Saving energy

Cranking down the dimmer lowers the amount of power being sent to the bulb. The more you dim down the bulb, the less power you are using, hence lower energy use.

Making bulbs last longer

Delivering less power to a bulb reduces the stress on its incandescent or halogen filament. And as you know, less stress means longer life, both for you and your home’s lighting.

Good for the environment

If you agree with points 1 & 2, then naturally you will agree that using less power means lesser use of fossil fuels to generate electricity and lesser waste going into landfills.

Good for your health

Several studies point to the fact that dimming lights during the evening can ease your sleep cycle, as opposed to the harsh bright lighting. Dimming light bulbs also lowers the color temperature which is easier on the eyes.

Make your interiors look better

Rooms with dimmed lights look more inviting and comfortable. That’s why most interior design magazines feature dimly lit interiors. If you are looking for some real-life examples, take a cue from your hotel rooms and favorite restaurants on your next visit.

Make you look better

Yep, dimly lit spaces enhance your features and allow lighting contours to form around you. Since camera sensors are designed to pick ‘more’ light than our eyes can perceive, taking a shot in warmer lighting conditions make you look better on your snaps, stories and posts.

Easier to install with Schneider Electric

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