Make Your Home Equipped with Automated Lighting System

Make Your Home Equipped with Automated Lighting System

Our everyday lives are heavily reliant on intelligent networks in this era of technological advancements. From industries to the household levels, smart technologies are being adapted to rapidly improving technologies. Modern living, too, is not far behind. With unique home management options like the automated lighting system being popularized across the globe, modern homes are gradually embracing the benefits and accomplishments of intelligent technology.

What is an automated lighting system?

Automated lighting systems have entirely revolutionized modern living in the 21st Century. The automated lighting system uses a wireless network to connect all the light systems in your house and easily control them from a single smartphone application. It allows you to switch on and turn off your lights remotely, schedule home lighting, and change lighting ambiance without being physically present near the light switch.

The benefits of the intelligent home lighting system 

Automated lighting systems have grown immensely popular because of the benefits and conveniences of modern households. Some of the significant benefits of having a smart home lighting system are:

  • Energy efficiency - 

With an automated lighting system, you can easily configure the lighting around your home as per your preferences. One of the significant benefits of having an automated lighting system is that it lets you optimize the light in your house at all times. Automated lighting systems can actively monitor the presence of natural light in a room and automatically adjust the lighting as per requirement. This is also helpful in reducing unnecessary energy consumption, reflected in more economical electricity bills.

  • Programmed setting - 

If you prefer having your lights change in accordance with the ambiance of your room, the automated lighting system will impress you. With the automated lighting system, you can gain complete access to all the lighting in your house, including pre-configured lighting scenes that set the mood of your room and more. With programmed lighting, automated lighting systems can quickly adapt to your preferences.

  • Convenience - 

The convenience that the automated lighting system brings into a household is immense. You can easily regulate all the lighting in your house remotely without being present in the house. Furthermore, you can control all lighting systems in your home from one place. Automated lighting systems are highly flexible and easily accommodate newer lighting devices without requiring additional updates or installations. 

  • Smart Control - 

With an automated lighting system, you can easily activate the lights in your home remotely through smartphone applications and voice commands rather than conventional switches. This is not just convenient but is one of the most significant technological achievements in the present times. The possibilities are endless with the smart control features brought about by home lighting automation.

  • Low maintenance -  

One of the most significant advantages of having an automated lighting system for homes is that it is easy to install, operate, and maintain. Integrating your house with the automated lighting system requires no extra labor or rewiring to the existing lighting system. In addition, it can be easily operated by users, old and new alike. And since they do not require frequent servicing or replacements, the automated lighting system is comparatively easier to maintain.

Automated lighting systems from Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is one of the premiering manufacturers and providers of automated lighting systems. With Wiser, KNX Home Automation, and C-Bus, Schneider Electric has made significant contributions to the growing popularity of intelligent technologies in modern homes.

KNX Home Automation System

KNX Home Automation System, by Schneider Electric, is dedicated to providing you with the best easy-to-use automated lighting system for your home that is designed to maximize your comfort and convenience. The KNX home automation system is highly flexible and adaptive to modern-day households, adding an impressive visual touch to your home. Other than automated lighting, the KNX home automation system also comes with automatic temperature adjustment features that can be easily configured from the application. It can also perfectly mimic natural daylight to improve the general aesthetic of your room. Other than modern households, the KNX home automation system is conveniently used for hotels, restaurants, and office complexes.


Wiser, from Schneider Electric, is one of the best providers of innovative home solutions to present-day houses. Wiser home automation can be easily accessed over smartphone applications, voice commands, and conventional switches. As a leading brand of automated home management solutions, Wiser can effectively brighten or dim the lights in your house. Wiser is easy to operate and maintain and has several other automation solutions involving home security and convenience.

Schneider Electric is the one-stop destination for automated lighting systems.

Today, you can transform your house into a smart home with Schneider Electric’s impressive home and light automation solutions. Depending on your requirements and budget, you can conveniently choose from Wiser, C-Bus, and KNX Home Automation System. The Schneider Electric online store offers an impressive selection of the best electrical devices and components to choose from, complemented by amazing offers and deals.

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