LED Controlled Lights - The Latest Innovation In Home Automation

LED Controlled Lights - The Latest Innovation In Home Automation

Since the pandemic, most people have taken a keen interest in their living spaces. With remote work taking over the global workforce, more people want their homes to be easy and smart spaces to live in. This has led to a surge in the demand for home automation devices. The highest selling of these smart electronic devices has been LED-controlled lights. These are lights that can be managed and controlled with the aid of many applications. LED-controlled lights are the latest rage since they make your home a more appealing, smart, and cost-effective space.

LED-controlled lights have been in the market for a while. These lights were earlier available with IR and IF technology. Today, with tech innovations, these lights are available with wi-fi, app, and voice control technology. In addition, these lights offer a range of ambiance functions from RGB, RGBW, and RGBWW. This wide spectrum allows you to explore and experiment with a wide range of effects. Most LED-controlled lights now offer wi-fi connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity. Let’s further explore the many advantages of installing LED Controller.

Advantages of LED Controllers

  1. Extensive Coverage - LED Controllers can be connected with the help of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This means that you don’t need physical controllers to manage the lights. This reduces the limitations when it comes to controlling the lights in your home. For instance, you could be seated in your bedroom and control the lights in your dining area. Not just this, but with the aid of mobile apps, you can control your home lights even from your office or as you travel.
  2. Voice Assistant Control - Voice assistants like Alexa, Google Home & Siri are often found in most Indian homes today. These assistants can be easily configured with the LED controller to manage the lighting of your house. The technology then helps to brighten, dim, turn on or off and change the hue of lights with the aid of voice assistants. This offers a great advantage to not only make your home more pleasing but to create an ambiance with ease and minimal contact. Let the voice assistants do the work for you!
  3. Truly Wireless - Tangled wires are no fun! Not only do they look aesthetically unappealing, but can also cause accidents. Children or elderly adults trip and fall due to the presence of long wires. Light switch controllers are truly wireless. They can communicate with various devices without having to worry about plugging in the device. This improves the visuals of your space, minimizes risk, and creates a truly hassle-free experience.
  4. Musical - Let’s get to the fun part of LED controllers. These lights are great additions when it comes to home parties and birthday bashes. You can customize these lights to match and sync with the beat of the music. The technology works by picking up the beat and tempo of the lights and then alters the light accordingly. This creates beautiful patterns and effects to transform your home into an amazing club experience.
  5. Easy to Use - Technology that is complicated to learn and implement rarely takes off. LED controllers are simple to use, and this is one of the reasons why they have gained massive popularity. Bluetooth and wi-fi are both straightforward technologies that can be used by people across age groups. In addition, these technologies are cost-effective and don’t have overhead charges. This makes led-controlled lights a seamless addition to your home.

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How To Choose LED Light Controllers?

Choosing the right LED controller is an important aspect of investing in LED controllers. You would want to invest in a technology that is easily accessible to you. So it’s best to invest in a brand that offers high-quality and durable LED dimmer controllers and light switch controllers. Schneider Electric offers a range of LED controllers and accessories that will revolutionize the aesthetics of your home. The brand is globally recognized as one of the leaders in the world of electrical equipment. So when you choose LED controllers, pick one from Schneider Electric so you can be assured that your investment will be durable and of high quality.

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