How Can Schneider Electric Wiser Help You with Home Automation?

How Can Schneider Electric Wiser Help You with Home Automation?

Smart Homes have become a preferred choice for everyone nowadays. The reason is not just sophistication but also practicality. Smart homes are great for the pockets, more user-friendly, and much safer. 

If you are planning to upgrade your home to a Smart Home, there is no better alternative than Wiser from Schneider Electric. The Smart Home solutions from the company will add a new dimension to your living style and will also be eco-friendlier and more affordable. With Wiser Home Control, you will have the flexibility of integrating various multi-media, electrical, and electronic technologies into a single solution through the internet of things (IoT), making it extremely user-friendly too. Moreover, in a Smart Home with home lighting automation features, you can save a lot on your utility and power consumption bills.

In this article, we will discuss how upgrading to a smart home with Schneider Electric’s Wiser home automation system can be beneficial in more ways than one. 

How Can Smart Home Help You to Save on Your Expenses?

Installing smart home appliances and products not only makes mundane chores easier but also guarantees reduced energy consumption and bills. Wondering how? Let us find out:

  1. Smart lighting – A substantial amount of your electric bill is due to the lighting in your home. How many times in a day do you or a family member forget to turn off the lights in a room? With a smart lighting system, you can reduce your electric bill and save considerable amounts of money since the system will turn off, dim, or transform the bulb colours for optimal energy saving. Most smart lighting systems in smart homes use LED bulbs. Though slightly expensive, these bulbs are cost-effective in the long run since they consume less power. Related: Make Your Home Equipped with Automated Lighting System
  2. Smart thermostat devices – Cooling your home during the summer months and heating it during the winter months consumes a great deal of energy, leading to increased monthly power consumption bills. By installing smart thermostats, you can cut down on this expense by quite a bit because these thermostats can detect the presence of people and adjust their functioning likewise. With no one around, the thermostat either goes off or stays in low mode. You can save up to 25% on the electric bill by installing programmable smart thermostats in your home. 
  3. Smart power channel – A noteworthy contributor to energy wastage is standby power utilization leading to unnecessary expenses. With smart power outlets and channels, you can test and control energy drainage through the sockets. This will help in saving up to 16% on your monthly electricity bills. 
  4. Smart sprinklers – Have you noticed the hike in your water bills? You might not know that we waste a lot of water in our homes unknowingly by using garden water sprinklers. By installing smart sprinklers, you can adjust the water flow as per the weather conditions and changes and can save almost 50% on the water bill. 

Top Features of Schneider Electric Wiser

Smart Homes are full of technological innovations and implementations. Schneider Electric’s Wiser offers smart home solutions at the most affordable rates. You can now enjoy home automation with voice or phone control with Schneider Electric’s Wiser. 

Schneider Electric’s home automation systems by Wiser help transform any regular home into a smart home in just 4 hours. The best thing is that there is no need for any rewiring or making changes to the home settings. Further, no damage is inflicted on the walls as well. 

With the Wiser home automation system in place, you can control your lights, fans, ACs, TVs, curtains, and more items from anywhere. 

There are more interesting features that come with this system, making life comfortable, convenient, and easy. Let us find out the features of Wiser. 

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How Does Schneider Electric’s Wiser Make Life More Convenient?

Installing Wiser in your home makes your life more convenient because it comes with the following features:

  1. Wiser has an IR (infrared) Controller. With this, you can monitor the temperature of any room and make adjustments accordingly. 
  2. The IR Controller can also be used for controlling the volume of the TV and changing channels. 
  3. You can control various appliances with Wiser, including washing machines, water heaters, etc. 
  4. With Wiser, you do not need to search for remote controls as you can use apps or voice commands for operations. 

How Does Wiser Enhance the Comfort Levels in Your House?

With Schneider Electric’s Wiser in your home, your house will have enhanced comfort levels for sure. Mentioned below are some features of Wiser that you can use to make your home uber comfortable by being able to do the following:

  1. Brightening or dimming the lights with home lighting automation from Wiser. 
  2. Closing and opening the curtains of any room. 
  3. Controlling the speed of the fan without getting up from the bed. 
  4. Using apps and voice commands for heightening comfort levels in the room. 

How does Wiser Contribute to the Safety and Security of Your Home?

Schneider Electric’s Wiser makes sure that your house remains highly secured and safe even when you are away. Here are some of the features which help to enhance the security of homes:

  1. Since the home automation system is integrated with your smartphone, you can see who is outside your door at all times. 
  2. Home safety is enhanced significantly with the smart doorbell feature, which allows you to talk to as well as see your visitors before opening the door.
  3. Wiser is equipped with night vision technology and has motion sensors as well for strong security even during the night. 

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Transform Your Home into Smart Home with Schneider Electric’s Wise Home Automation System

The features listed above stand as evidence of the fact that Schneider Electric’s Wiser offers the best Smart Home solutions, making life smooth and convenient for users at the most reasonable rates. Choose the suitable smart home package from Wiser for your apartment and transform your home into a safer, smarter abode with no extra costs or interior work. 

Visit the Schneider Electric eshop for more information on Wiser's smart home automation systems. You can also purchase Wiser home automation systems from this e-store at affordable prices.
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