Get the best UPS for your desktop computer from Schneider Electric

Get the best UPS for your desktop computer from Schneider Electric

A desktop computer plays several important roles to ensure convenience and increased productivity. It allows you to surf the internet, perform official tasks, pay bills, shop online, as well as use it for entertainment like playing games and watching movies. 

As important desktop computers are, they must be provided with the best protection to keep them functioning optimally without breaking down. Installing a UPS for a desktop computer is one of the best ways to ensure protection for your computer from sudden power cuts and electrical anomalies.

What is a UPS?

The UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply or Uninterruptible Power Source) refers to an electrical component that provides emergency power to computers for a limited period. The UPS acts as an alternative source of power during anomalies like power failures. At normal times, the UPS allows electricity to flow through. However, during power cuts, the UPS is triggered and resumes the flow of electricity to the connected desktop computers for a small period of time by using the power stored in its batteries, supercapacitors, and flywheels. Unlike the auxiliary or emergency power systems, the UPS provides sufficient energy for a few minutes, allowing the user to save their work and properly shut down their computers.

Though the UPS is more popularly installed for desktop computers, they play a vital role in the smooth functioning of data centres and telecommunication equipment as well, where a simple power cut can lead to data loss. 

Benefits of installing a UPS for your desktop computer

Using a UPS for your home desktop computer has several benefits, including:

  • Protection against voltage fluctuation and outages:

Voltage fluctuations during outages and anomalies like thunderstorms pose severe threats to desktop computers. Having a UPS installed can save your computer from burnouts and other electrical damages during voltage fluctuations. 

  • Data protection: 

The risks of electrical damage are not just faced by your desktop computer, but data servers as well. A UPS can be effective in data protection and keeping the server from damages during electrical spikes, surges, and noise interference. 

  • Keeping your work safe:

One of the primary reasons to use a UPS is to keep your work safe during a blackout. Desktop computers that are completely dependent on a live power source to function can abruptly shut down during a blackout without saving the work you have been doing. Having a UPS that provides emergency power for a short period is beneficial as it allows the user to save their work and shut down the computer.

Top UPS models from Schneider Electric

Choosing the best UPS for PC is important to ensure the best electrical protection. Mentioned below are some of the best UPS models from Schneider Electric:

  • Easy UPS 3S

The Easy UPS 3S is one of the best range of UPS for desktop computers. The Easy UPS 3S models can be comfortably and conveniently installed. Furthermore, the Easy UPS 3S series is an extremely efficient 3-phase UPS system with amazing product features, including superior electrical design and world-class specifications. The 15kVA Easy UPS 3S models can be conveniently used for data centres too. These UPS models come with additional dust filters and are extremely durable. They also allow battery customization depending on the preferences of the user.  

  • APC Easy UPS On-Line

The APC Easy UPS On-Line series is one of the best UPS models for households as well as for industrial use. They can be used for providing power remotely and can also be connected using a serial USB connection. They come with an extended battery package. 

Buy the best UPS at Schneider Electric

If you are planning to purchase the best ups for a computer at home, the online Schneider Electric store is a one-stop destination that has solutions for all your electrical requirements. The online store has a wide variety of the best UPS models suited for all kinds of desktop computers. Schneider Electric also provides electrical solutions and components for everyday use at extremely affordable rates. You can make your desktop computer long-lasting and free from electrical risks by purchasing the best UPS systems from Schneider Electric eshop today!

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