Facts You Never Knew About Switchgear by Schneider Electric

Facts You Never Knew About Switchgear by Schneider Electric

Switchgear is classified as a preventative system. It controls and protects electrical circuits and equipment. It’s safe to say that because of the presence of switchboards, the generation, transmission, distribution, and conversion of electrical energy is done safely. Installing switchgear also ensures that no electrical abnormalities compromise the entirety of the electrical system. This switchgear can come in varying sizes but they all protect the electrical system and the equipment connected to that system.

Types of Switchgear.

There are many types of switchgear available in the market. You can pick one based on your need, product quality, and other requirements. Let’s look at the most popular switchgear in use today.

  1. Gas Insulated Switchgear - This has a sealed compartment filled with insulating gas, that ensures that the components of the switchgear are packed closer together. This also serves the dual purpose of reducing the size of the switchgear. These are the perfect options for those seeking compact and reliable switchgear.
  2. Metal-clad Switchgear - These are used commonly even today owing to their easy maintenance. Though this metal-clad switchgear does come in larger sizes, allowing for separate compartments to store each component.
  3. Metal-Enclosed Switchgear - The metal-enclosed switchgear is different from metal-clad switchgear because here each component doesn’t have its compartment. This difference makes these perfect for use in low voltage zones like those in commercial units and facilities.
  4. Pad-mounted Switchgear - These are more advanced switchgear that comes with many benefits. These are predominantly built for underground distribution systems and come in a sturdy design. These are also resistant to tampering and can be externally mounted easily. in addition, Pad-mounted switchgear comes in a wide range of insulation options.
  5. Vault Switchgear - This type of switchgear is designed for situations where the casing is required to be installed further away from the switchgear system. Usually, these are installed in vaults or below-ground areas where the electrical system requires the switch to be placed separately. The vault switchgear is apt for installation in both humid and dry areas.
  6. Arc Resistant Switchgear - These are exclusively used for situations where arc flash energy is generated. The current and stress found under these conditions are easily handled by this arc-resistant switchgear. These are classified based on their resistance to arc flash energy.

Voltage Switchgear’s Are Classified into 3 Types.

  1. High Voltage Switchgear - These can handle high voltage capacities between 69KV and 230KV, without experiencing any damage. The benefit of this switchgear is its high resistance, high durability, and reduced life cycle costs. For higher voltage capacity, you can also invest in Extra High Voltage Switchgear and Ultra High Switchgears.
  2. Medium Voltage Switchgear - These can handle voltage capacities between 600V and 69KV. These are ideal for use in commercial facilities, mining operations, residential facilities, and more since they can easily detect and counter short circuits. Considered to be highly reliable, medium voltage switchgear is ideal for smaller-scale operations.
  3. Low Voltage Switchgear - This switchgear doesn’t offer the highest resistance, with a capacity to work up to 600V, but they are great for regular use. Low Voltage Switchgear comes in metal-enclosed systems and is easy to not only maintain but also replace.

What To Look for In a Switchgear

  • Reliability - The most important aspect you should consider before investing in switchgear is its reliability factor. Our electrical systems are getting more interconnected and there is an increased demand placed on generating stations. All these calls for a reliable switchgear system that will immediately act and remove any faulty sections.
  • Differentiation - Faults can occur in any section of the entire power system. The switchgear must then have the technology to differentiate between the faulty section and secondly, to isolate it from the remaining sections. This will ensure non-interrupted supply to all the electrical sections.
  • Prompt - Switchgear mechanisms cannot have delayed actions. Quality switchgear will offer immediate redressal and take action to prevent further damage or interruption. In addition to prompt automatic action, switchgear must also have provision for manual control of the electrical system.


Switchgear by Schneider Electric

We are sure before you started this article; you didn’t know a lot about switchgear. Now, by the end, you are well versed with the nuances of Switchgear offered by Schneider Electric. The brand offers nothing less than high-quality switchgear for your use. You may also not know that Schneider Electric offers some of the most affordable switchgear systems that are highly reliable. So, without further ado invest in rock-solid switchgear at Schneider Electric.

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