Explore our 6K+ Products and Ranges on WhatsApp

Explore our 6K+ Products and Ranges on WhatsApp

The Schneider Electric WhatsApp Chatbot is an innovative and user-friendly virtual assistant designed to make shopping for electrical products easy and simplistic. Leveraging artificial intelligence and natural language processing, the chatbot provides users with a seamless shopping experience and instant access to information, troubleshooting assistance, and product details.

Whether users seek guidance on product selection, buying, technical issues, or general inquiries, the Schneider Electric WhatsApp Chatbot Koko 2.0 delivers real-time responses and valuable insights. By offering seamless and efficient communication through a widely used platform like WhatsApp, Schneider Electric aims to empower its customers.

You can easily explore our range of products under various categories

Residential products offered by the Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric offers a plethora of residential electrical products that range from home automation to stabilizers. Koko 2.0 is a reliable source that can provide information on the products and help customers buy products over WhatsApp.

  1. UPS & Stabilizers

    • Back-UPS: Trust APC by Schneider Electric for the best UPS for computers. UPS devices by Schneider Electric provide extended hours of battery backup and surge protection for your PC.
    • Online UPS: Including smart UPS products at competitive prices and generous warranty options.
    • Stabilizers: Designed to withstand Indian electrical conditions, including voltage surges and voltage fluctuations. Schneider Electric offers high-quality stabilizers in several capacities, including AC stabilizers, refrigerators, and TV stabilizers as well as mainline stabilizers for general-purpose appliances like Music Systems, Washing Machines and Electronic Treadmills.
    • Inverters: Including UPS and Batteries at competitive prices and lucrative extended warranty options.
    • Luminous Series including LB 600 and LB1000 enables you to protect your electronics from damage due to voltage fluctuations and frequent power cuts.
  2. Wiser Home- Home automation

    Schneider Electric’s Wiser Home automation services and products facilitate wireless automation through a range of products. It effectively uses your home’s current electrical and wiring system for the setting up of a smart home.

  3. Switches and Sockets

    • Livia is a range of classic wall-hugging switches, perfect for adding elegance to any home.
    • Zencelo boasts of being the world’s first full flat range of switches. They are aesthetically designed switches, perfect for minimalist homes.
    • Unica Pure range of switches, sockets, and accessories that are great additions to the walls of any home.
    • Opale range of satin finish switches for domestic installation.
    • ClipsaIX range of elegant, chic, and sleek switches to light up your home.
    • AvatarOn: AvatarOn is a range of slim and elegant switches adhering to the patented “Slim Rocker, Sure Click”. These frameless switches chic up interiors and are suited to all lifestyles.
    • ULTI: ULTI by Schneider Electric India is a range of chic, sleek electric switches with ultra-clean lines. They are a perfect fit for modern modular homes.
    • Neo: A sleek and innovative range of lighting controllers for homes in the planning stage. Neo offers total control over home lighting through a remote-control unit.

Protection Devices

Easy 9: Schneider Electric’s Easy 9 range of miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) use electronic and thermal-magnetic energy to effectively protect homes and commercial buildings from short circuiting or current overload.

Industrial Products

Schneider Electric also houses an enviable range of industrial electrical equipment that Koko 2.0 can also efficiently guide for purchase.

  1. Protection devices

    • Acti9 range of products including MCB, RCCB, DB, and isolators.
    • MPCB & Thermal overload Relay and related accessories.
    • Control Relays utilising the latest technology are available in two series, namely the TeSys and Easypact TVS.
    • MCCB: Moulded case circuit breakers are necessary for fault current interruption in medium and low voltage distribution systems. The Schneider Electric’s moulded case circuit breakers come in a variety of current ratings and voltages including MCCB 100-amp, 200-amp MCCB, 125-amp MCCB, 400-amp MCCB, 250-amp MCCB. This range is suitable for varied industrial and commercial applications, including substation distribution, mining, shipbuilding, steel industry, oil & gas, petrochemical, smelting & refining facilities.
  2. Meters

    • NG+ Series of energy meters using the latest technology and innovation.
    • Hexa range of load managers, VAF + PF meters, dual source meters, and energy meters.
    • Basic Meter Range including products such as the EM1200 Cl1.0 With RS485 Port, DM3210 0.5, DM3210-Three Phase Voltmeter CI1.0, and other state-of-the-art meters.
  3. Variable soft starters and drives

    • Altivator: Schneider Electric’s superior-quality industrial altivators come in different ranges including Altivar 12, Altistart 01, Altistart 22, and Easy Altivar 310.
  4. Power supply

    • Phaseo Series of innovative, high-quality power supply products and accessories.
    • Modicon Series of durable power supply products and accessories at competitive prices.
  5. Relays

    • RXM series of miniature relays and sockets.
    • RXG series of LTB + LED relays.
    • RSL series comprising SLIM relays, bus jumper poles, and separated sockets.
  6. Signaling Units

    • Harmony XVG including state-of-the-art tower light units, buzzers, base units, and so on.
  7. Sensors

    Sensors of varying types are offered by Schneider including inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, ultrasonic sensors, photo-electric sensors, RFID, Electronic Pressure sensors, Safety sensors, and Occupancy sensors.

  8. Push Buttons

    • Harmony XA2E: Schneider Electric’s Harmony XA2E series offers a trustworthy, cost-effective, and ergonomic solution to signalling and controlling needs. This series includes products like plastic push-buttons, switches with metallic-look rings and pilot lights.
    • Harmony XB5: The Harmony XB5 series offers competitively priced, high-quality products including LED illuminated push buttons.

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Let Koko 2.0 help you find and buy the right product!

Schneider Electric has been a leading name in the market for diverse electrical products for over two decades. In keeping with changing times, we have taken care to modernise both our products as well as ourselves.

Most of our products are now available online so you can shop from the ease of your home. And now, with the introduction of the AI-powered chatbot Koko 2.0, we hope to provide a seamless purchasing experience for our customers. Koko 2.0 has been specially designed to provide you with the necessary information for all the products on offer within seconds over WhatsApp! You can rely on Koko 2.0 for a convenient, hassle-free, and streamlined purchasing experience. Embrace the future of the electrical industry with Koko 2.0!

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