Electrical Protection Devices Provided by Schneider Electric

Electrical Protection Devices Provided by Schneider Electric

The modern world is heavily reliant on electricity. Whether at a household or an industrial level, electricity finds several uses from running appliances and devices, turning on lights, charging devices, powering machinery, and even cooking food or heating water. 

Though electricity is a necessary component, it comes with several risks and dangers. If left undetected, electricity can be a major health hazard such as accidental electrocution, which can be fatal. Unless provided with protections and precautionary devices, electricity can also cause fires around the house. It can also cause permanent damage to connected electrical devices, known as burnouts. Therefore, to prevent such cases, it is wise to provide your house with complete electrical safety. 

Schneider Electric is a pioneering company that deals with electrical safety devices, among other things. In this article, we will discuss some of the best electrical protection devices provided by Schneider Electric that ensure complete safety from electrical hazards.

Mentioned below are some of the top electrical protection devices from Schneider Electric:

  • MCBs and MCCBs: 

Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) and Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) are some of the most common electrical protection devices that are popularly used in homes across the world. 

During anomalies like thunderstorms, electrical surges, or overloads, there are often dangerously higher levels of electricity that flow in from the electrical main. This unnecessarily high electricity can cause device burnouts if not prevented. MCBs and MCCBs serve as automatic switches that prevent the flow of these dangerously higher levels of current in an electrical circuit.

MCBs and MCCBs are thermally sensitive. Whenever a flow of higher electricity level is detected in the circuit, the circuit warms up and automatically triggers the MCB or the MCCB. This causes the MCB or the MCCB to open up the circuit, disrupting the electrical flow before it reaches the connected electrical device. Once triggered, the MCB or MCCB needs to be manually turned on to resume the flow of electricity. 

Schneider Electric offers a wide range of circuit protection device models, including: 

  • Acti 9 xC60 MCB - An industrial-grade MCB equipped with the latest technology and impressive design. The Acti 9 MCB series is extremely reliable and is perfectly suited for industrial, as well as household use. The Acti 9 xC60 MCB has an operating limit of up to 63 amperes.
  • NG125 MCB - The NG125 MCB is a higher-performance modular circuit breaker with a tolerance of 125 amperes. It provides excellent protection during electrical surges and overloads.

  • RCCB:

The RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker) is another common electrical protection device used in households. They are primarily used for protection from electrical earth faults and electricity leakages, preventing accidental electrocutions from direct contact. The RCCB is sensitive to the flow of current and is tripped by an electrical imbalance between the phase and the neutral wires. Once tripped, it disrupts the flow of power, preventing any electrical leakage. 

RCCBs from Schneider Electric is available as 2 Pole (for single-phase supply connections with the live and neutral wires), 3 Pole (for 3-phase supply connections), and 4 Pole (for 3-phase supply connections with an additional neutral connection). 

There is also the Residual Circuit Breaker with Overload Protection (RCBO), which is used for protection not just against earth faults, but overloads and short circuits too!

RCCBs from Schneider Electric include:

  • Acti 9 iID RCCB - The range of Acti 9 iID RCCB from Schneider Electric is available for household and industrial use. These RCCBs come with overload protection and in limits ranging between 25A to 300mA.

  • Others: 

Schneider Electric has a wide range of electrical safety devices that prevent electrocutions, fires, and other electrical damages. Some of the most frequently purchased electrical protection devices include surge protection devices (SPDs) and switch disconnectors from Acti 9, Residual Current Devices (RCDs), and panel protection.

With the above-mentioned devices from Schneider Electric, you can ensure complete protection of your home, loved ones, and expensive electrical appliances from any electrical accidents. Schneider Electric is a one-stop destination for all your electrical needs and solutions. Give your house the best electrical safety today with these electrical protection devices from Schneider Electric!

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