Different Types of Electrical Metal Junction Boxes and Their Price Range

Different Types of Electrical Metal Junction Boxes and Their Price Range

Maintenance-free junction boxes, as the name suggests, are boxes that do not require any inspection, maintenance or testing after it has been installed in a circuit. Made of metal, it is an electrical accessory that includes cable clamps and screwless terminals to securely fasten any linked cables. These junction boxes are essentially a secure, maintenance-free method of connecting permanent wire in any interior home or business facility. It is appropriate for use in rewiring and refurbishment, circuits connected with sheath cables, power and lighting circuits and other difficult-to-access regions.

These boxes provide a greater wire area while being compact and easy to use. These boxes are made to withstand any weather conditions, thus they are also known as weatherproof junction boxes. There are various kinds of maintenance-free junction boxes available in the market. In this article, we will explore those boxes along with their price range.

Applications of Electrical Junction Boxes

Electrical junction boxes can be used on more than one occasion. It is important to keep the wiring and installation enclosed to avoid adverse effects and thus electrical junction boxes are used. The main applications of electrical boxes are:

  • Pool installations

    There are a lot of pool installations used to make them function. But the wiring cannot be kept exposed, hence it is important to use metal junction boxes. To avoid electrocution, using explosion-proof junction boxes would be a wise option.

  • Outdoor power

    Wherever there is outside electricity, you should install electric enclosures to guarantee that the circuit is properly protected. This comprises internet and telecommunications equipment.

  • Irrigation wiring

    If you’re looking to water your garden or lawn, you would require a reliable source of energy. And for that wiring is necessary. The switches used to turn on and off the system must likewise be weather-proof. Electrical junction boxes can help safeguard your investment and keep you safe from electrocution.


Top-Notch Types of Electrical Metal Junctions Boxes - H2

4 Gang GI Metal Box

Schneider eShop comes with a series of metal boxes range and its 4 Gang GI metal box is one of the best products. This box provides safe, secure, and hassle-free installation of wiring devices. Made from galvanised sheets, this metal junction box provides high durability Furthermore, the box ensures ideal alignment for various BS format units installed to each other. One can purchase this product at a 55% discounted price of INR 248.

3 Gang GI Metal Box

Made of galvanised GI sheet, the 3 Gang metal box is sturdy and robust and ensures hassle-free installation of wiring devices. Schneider EShop is the perfect destination to purchase a 3 Gang GI metal box and other electrical accessories as it provides electrical parts and appliances at a very reasonable price. If you’re to buy this metal box then it is priced at INR 191.

2 Gang GI Metal Box

The 2 Gang GI metal box is a junction box found on Schneider eShop that comes with built-in cable clamps and is used to gang up larger boxes. Schneider eShop made sure that these metal boxes allow customers with all their installation requirements. These boxes are meant to be highly durable withstanding any weather condition (mostly thunderstorms). The actual price of this product is INR 300, but you can get it at a discounted price of INR 135.

Metal Box 1 & 2 Module

Made with GI sheet, 1 & 2 module metal boxes can be used in households, restaurants, shops, offices, and more. With an uncluttered and clear modular design, these boxes provide more space for wiring. These metal boxes are concealed and act as mounting spaces for the installation of sockets, switches, and more. You can buy the metal box 1 & 2 modules from Schneider eShop at INR 54.

Metal Box 3 module

The metal box 3 module from Schneider eShop features a weld-free design that prevents rust and corrosion while maintaining strength and durability. These metal boxes consist of removable gland plates, redesigning earth pins, and mounting clips all of which support an easy and convenient installation and wiring. The product is tested and validated as per IS 14772. You can get this box at an affordable price of INR 63.

Metal Box 4 Module

Schneider eShop offers module 4 metal boxes that are ideal for wiring devices. With a weld-free architecture, these boxes are meant to be rustproof. For easy installation and wiring, these boxes provide removable side plates, earth pins, and mounting clips. These Schneider metal boxes are completely tested and validated. People can get this at INR 72 each.

Metal Box 12 Module

With a modular design, the module 12 metal junction box is an electrical accessory for easy wiring and installation. Like the other module metal boxes, this one also comes with earth pins, removable side plates and mounting clips. Its simple design allows electricians to use it well without any hassle. Since they are made with GI sheets, these are meant to be highly durable and robust by nature. The price of each metal box 12 module is INR 185 (including 55% off).

Metal Box 6 Module

The Schneider eShop's Metal Box 6 module boasts a weld-free construction, ensuring resilience against rust and corrosion without compromising on strength and durability. Incorporating removable gland plates, redesigned earth pins, and mounting clips, these metal boxes facilitate a hassle-free installation and wiring process. Rigorously tested and validated according to IS 14772 standards, this product is available at a budget-friendly price of INR 111.

Metal Box 8 Module, Linear

The Schneider eShop presents module 8 linear metal boxes designed to accommodate wiring devices seamlessly. Boasting a weld-free structure, these boxes are engineered to resist rust effectively. Facilitating straightforward installation and wiring, they feature removable side plates, earth pins, and mounting clips. Rigorously tested and validated, these Schneider metal boxes are available at the price of INR 144 each.



Electrical junction boxes are generally maintenance-free and easy to use. This electrical accessory ensures easy installation and wiring. So, if you’re looking for a metal junction box for office, household other purposes, you can get one from Schneider eShop. It is a one-stop online store for all your electrical parts. Be it an MCCB box junction box or electrical switch and sockets, you can get all of these at a discounted price.

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