Benefits of installing MCBs at homes

Benefits of installing MCBs at homes


Electricity can also be a dangerous resource in our households, along with being a convenient one. If not looked after, it can cause hazards and damage in many situations. Thus, we incorporate many products and devices to safeguard our homes from electrical hazards and calamities. And in order to do so, one looks out for many electrical protection devices. One such device is an MCB. 

It stands for Miniature Circuit Breaker, and it automatically switches OFF the electric circuit during an abnormal condition in the electrical network. It consists of a small trip switch that is operated by an overcurrent and is used to protect an electric circuit. It is a great alternative to a fuse.  

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To save the appliances and humans from any burn or damage, the high-rated current is required to be interrupted as fast as possible. That is done with the help of an MCB, which detects the excess current flow and immediately breaks the circuit. Earlier, this function or task was performed by a fuse, but now it is replaced by an MCB. 

Let’s see some of the benefits of installing an MCB over a fuse.

  • More Sensitive: An MCB is more sensitive than a fuse to overcurrent. It automatically cuts off the power supply in case of overload and faulty conditions, that might lead to short circuit or other hazards. 
  • Identification Of Faulty Zones: An MCB helps one to find a faulty zone in the house or office in the easiest manner. It trips and breaks the circuit and current flow in case of any faulty situation. With the switch operating knob turned OFF, it becomes easier for all to locate the faulty region in the property.    
  • Simple To Resume Power: After the breakdown due to overcurrent, MCBs are efficient in allowing the restoration of power in a quick manner. Whereas fuses need to be rewired or replaced to restore power. 
  • More Safety: MCBs, due to their swift and distinctive functioning, are safer than a fuse. They offer improved operational safety and higher convenience and are normally used in low voltage electric networks. 

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