A Complete Guide About Push Button Light Switches

A Complete Guide About Push Button Light Switches

When you walk around the house, do you notice the technological advancements that have made your life easier and smoother? Complex electrical appliances such as television, refrigerator, microwave oven, and small devices like switches.

Switches come in different varieties and are used for various kinds of functions. And although they might look small, insignificant, and superficial, buttons are some of the essential complex electrical devices that allow us to control all the electrical appliances mentioned above.

This article will discuss one of the latest and most excellent switches, known widely as the push-button switch. Learn everything from how push-button switches function, what such switches are used for, the difference between single pole and double pole push-button switches, and the role of the momentary switch. This article is a complete guide about push-button light switches.

All about push button light switches

A push-button switch starts or stops a machine, motor, or device. Also commonly known as push switches, push-button switches find use in households and industrial settings.

As the name suggests, push-button light switches are used for turning lights on or off. Push-button light switches are simple electrical devices that help you control the lights in your household with just a push of a switch. Push-button light switches come in a wide variety of designs to match the aesthetics of all kinds of homes.

While push-button light switches might look simply, they can also be used for multiple purposes, as we will reveal in the next part of the article.

What is the use of a push-button switch?

Apart from being used like light switches, push-button switches find applications for a wide variety of purposes in both domestic and industrial, and commercial settings. Typical examples are push-button phones, calculators, and emergency stop buttons in manufacturing plants.

The use of push-button switches varies according to their application. For instance, as an emergency switch, the push-button is usually prominent in size and colored a distinct vibrant red for stop. When used on a calculator, the push button can perform several different functions based on the input.

To put it simply, we often use push-button switches in our everyday lives as:

  • Start switches for arcade games
  • Stop switches for heavy industrial machinery
  • Light switches for turning on and off
  • Toilet flushes

What is the difference between a single pole and a double pole switch?

When it comes to push-button light switches, they can either be single pole or double pole based on their functions.

A single-pole switch is the most straightforward and commonly used push-button switch. It carries out the function of just turning on or off an electrical device it is connected to. It has a single power input and a single output connected to its control device. The single pole switch can only perform the function of turning on or off a single connected device.

On the other hand, a double pole switch can be connected to two devices simultaneously, just as the name suggests. Simply put, double pole switches are two switches in one that can be used to control two separate electrical circuits or devices. The more complex of the two, one example of a double pole switch can simultaneously control both the light and fan.

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What is a momentary switch?

Another example of a push-button switch that is somewhat different from the common ones we usually use is the momentary push-button switch. The short control functions as a push button because the connected device is only activated when it is pushed. As long as you keep the button pressed, the device is on, and it turns off as soon as you let go of the switch.

However, the momentary switch differs from, say, a push-button light switch in that the device it is connected to will only be 'on' until the time the switch is pushed. There is no off for momentary switches as the switch will spring back to its position as soon as the push-button is released. Hence to turn off a device connected to a momentary switch; all you have to do is remove the pressure on the push button. Two examples of a momentary switch as a push-button switch are a toilet flush and the push button of some battery-powered torches.

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