Schneider Electric Zelio RXM - Relay Miniature Plug-in relay 2 C/O 230 V AC 12 A


Schneider Electric Zelio RXM - Relay Miniature Plug-in relay 2 C/O 230 V AC 12 A

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Schneider Electric Zelio RXM - Relay Miniature Plug-in relay 2 C/O 230 V AC 12 A

Rp ‎ 127.700


RXM miniature relays are part of Harmony Electromechanical Relays. This is a plug in relay to be mounted on a RXZE socket. It is a 2 C/O relay with current rating of 12A, control circuit voltage of 230 V AC 50/60 Hz. It also offers one-step loackable test button and mechanical indicator for contact status. The testbutton is activated momentarily by pushing the red pushbutton on the front and locked by flipping up the green part. The mechanical indicator is next to the testbutton, where an orange flag indicates the relay contact status. Workablity for hard-wired logic automated systems to complement the functions of industrial progammable logic controllers (PLCs). Its design is fit for industrial machines, packaging, textile, HVAC, automation control panels, low/medium voltage switchgear, motor controls, PLC Interfaces, power supplies, building or medical equipment, lighting controls. It is a green premium product and conforms to international standard and certifications like IEC, CE, UL, CSA, EAC, Lloyd's, RoHS and REACH. RXM Relay should be used with a RXZE socket (screw clamp, screw connector, push-in terminal). To protect against vibrations, plastic/metal clamp can be added to the socket. Protection modules and marking legend are also available. It is sold in lots of 10 and reference includes relay only. The RXM plug-in relays are a series of industrial plug-in relays designed for both simple and complex automation systems and available with 2 CO (12A), 3 CO (10A), 4 CO (6A) contacts, 4 CO (3A) low level contacts.

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Product details

  • Activity
  • Weight (in Kg)
  • [Ie] Rated Operational Current
    12 A at 28 V (DC) NO conforming to IEC
  • Net weight
    0.037 kg
  • Operating Position
    any position
  • Product or Component Type
    plug-in relay
  • [Uc] Control Circuit Voltage
    230 V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Control Type
    lockable test button
  • average coil consumption in VA
    1.2-1.2 at 60 Hz
  • average consumption
    1.2 VA at 60 Hz
  • Mechanical Durability
    10000000 cycles
  • Contacts Material
  • Continuous Output Current
    10 A
  • Load Current
    12 A at 250 V AC
  • Maximum Switching Capacity
    3000 VA/336 W
  • Minimum Switching Capacity
    170 mW at 10 mA, 17 V
  • Operating Rate
    <= 1200 cycles/hour under load
  • Protection Category
    RT I
  • Rated Operational Voltage Limits
    184...253 V AC
  • Resistance
    20 ms
  • Contacts Type and Composition
    2 C/O
  • Series Name
  • Shape of Pin
  • Test Levels
    level A group mounting
  • Utilisation Coefficient
    20 %
  • Ambient air temperature for operation
    -40-55 °C
  • [ui] Rated Insulation Voltage
    250 V conforming to IEC
  • [Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage
    4 kV during 1.2/50 µs
  • Ambient air temperature for storage
    -40-85 °C
  • Compatibility code
  • Device short name
  • Electrical Durability
    100000 cycles for resistive load
  • Average Resistance
    15000 Ohm at 20 °C +/- 15 %
  • IP degree of protection
    IP40 conforming to EN/IEC 60529
  • Range of Product
    Harmony Electromechanical Relays
  • Dielectric Strength
    1300 V AC between contacts with micro disconnection
  • Shock Resistance
    10 gn for in operation
  • Standards
    EN/IEC 61810-1
  • Maximum Switching Voltage
    250 V conforming to IEC
  • Vibration Resistance
    3 gn, amplitude = +/- 1 mm (f = 10-150 Hz)5 cycles in operation
  • Operating Time
    20 ms
  • Pollution degree
  • Safety Reliability Data
    B10d = 100000
  • Device Presentation
    complete product
  • Brand
    Schneider Electric
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