Schneider Electric VarPlus Can HDuty Capacitor - 20/24 kvar - 400 V - 50/60Hz

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VarPlus Can capacitor are a reliable and flexible solution for power factor correction in stringent operating conditions. These capacitors are particularly used for higher voltage disturbances or when a few non-linear loads are present. The rated current of the capacitors must be in increased in order to cope with the circulation of the harmonic current. This capacitor provides a rated output power of 18.1 kVar at 380V AC, 50 Hz. Fastening assured by a ClampTite terminal. This component meet the standards IEC 60831-1 and IEC 60831-2. The case product weight is 2.5 kg.

Product Details

Weight (in Kg) 2.979
Net weight 2.5 kg
Product or Component Type heavy duty capacitor
Rated Voltage 380-415 V AC 50/60 Hz
Ambient air temperature for operation -25-55 °C
Series Name HDuty
Service Life In Hours 130000 h
Diameter 116 mm
Type Of Installation indoor installation
[imp] Maximum Permanent Current 1.8 x In
Capacitance Tolerance - 5 % to 10 %
Dielectric Losses < 0.2 W/kvar
Dielectric Material metallized polypropylene film with Zn/Al alloy, special resistivity & profile, special edge (wave cut)
Maximum Permissible Voltage 1.1 x Un (8 hours over 24 hours)
Maximum Switching Operation Per Year 7000
Network frequency 50/60 Hz
Network Harmonic Content <= 20 %
Power Losses < 0.5 W/kVAr
Temperature Class D
Product Name PowerLogic PFC Capacitor
Standards IEC 60831-1
IEC 60831-2
Reactive Power Rating 18.1 kvar 380 V 50 Hz
21.7 kvar 380 V 60 Hz
20 kvar 400 V 50 Hz
24 kvar 400 V 60 Hz
21.5 kvar 415 V 50 Hz
25.8 kvar 415 V 60 Hz
Impregnation material non-PCB dry PUR resin
Voltage test 2.15 x Un AC between terminals for 10 s
<= 660 V - 3 kV AC between terminal and container for 10 s
>= 660 V - 6 kV AC between terminal and container for 10 s
Range PowerLogic
Connections - Terminals ClampTite terminal
Height 242 mm
IP degree of protection IP20
Relative humidity 95-95 %
Inrush current 250 x In
Operating altitude 2000 m
Range of Product PowerLogic
Brand Schneider Electric

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