Schneider Electric ARGUS Movement detectors Presence Dual-Tech - 2ch

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ARGUS Presence Dual-Tech - 2ch

Product Details

Weight (in Kg) 0.462
Control Type movement sensor
Output Voltage 220...250 V
Product Or Component Type presence detector with IR receiver
Number Of Channels 2
Colour Tint white
Network frequency 50/60 Hz
Horizontal Detection Angle 360-360 °
Input Function switch external trigger
Light Intensity Adjustment 10-2000 lux
Mounting Height 2.5-2.5 m
Output Current 10 A
Load Type motor: : 100 W
relay: : 5 A - 250 V
LED lighting: : 400 W
incandescent lamps: : 2300 W - 230 V
halogen lamp: : 1200 W - 230 V
halogen lamp with standard electronic transformer: 1200 VA
halogen lamp with standard ferromagnetic transformer: 1200 VA
fluorescent tube: 1200 VA, 140 µF
compact fluorescent lamp: : 400 W
IP degree of protection IP20
Function Available switching, toggling, dimming
Brand Schneider Electric

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