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Charging station, EVlink Home, 1P+N, 1xT2, 7.4kW, 32A, with RDC-DD


Charging station, EVlink Home, 1P+N, 1xT2, 7.4kW, 32A, with RDC-DD

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  • Convenient – Get your EV ready whenever you need
  • Budget-friendly and easy to install – EVlink is an affordable and easy to install solution
  • Power load management - Avoid any disruption in the power supply and manage available power efficiently (available after equipped anti-tripping module)
  • Certified and aesthetic – Compliant with strict safety certifications
  • Peace of mind - Worldwide customer care center
  • Environmental performance of the product
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Make your advance order to get ready for your “NEW Electric Car”, the shipment required 60 days. The stock will be just in time for your installation.  If you are interested, please contact our salesman to arrange site inspection by email your preferred date and time to The installation charge is subject to change based on the actual site situation.

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Charging station, EVlink Home, 1P+N, 1xT2, 7.4kW, 32A, with RDC-DD


This EVlink Home product is a wall-mounted charging station for all electrical vehicles compliant with IEC61851-1 standard.

  • The IP degree of protection is IP54.
  • The IK degree of protection is IK10.
  • The operating temperature is between -30°C and 50°C.

The output type is a T2 socket-outlet, fixed on the front face of the station.

  • The nominal output power is 7.4kW.
  • It is supplied in single-phase (1P+N).
  • The rated charging current is 32A under 230VAC at a 50Hz frequency with a tolerance of +/-10%.

It can be used with a TN-S or TT earthing system. The charging station is easy to install (no special tools required). It is recommended for private use at home, installed in the garage for instance. .

  • The dimensions are (W) 282mm x (H) 409mm x (D) 148mm.
  • Its product weight is 4.5kg.
  • Its color is white (RAL9003).
  • It is fitted with a built-in protection against residual direct current (RDC-DD as Residual Direct Current Detecting Device).
  • There is no access control to use the charging station for loading an electrical vehicle.
  • A red push-button is present in case of emergency stop.
  • One LED is changing color between red, green and blue in order to indicate the loading status directly on the charging station.

By complementing the charging station with the anti-tripping system, it benefits of the dynamic energy management. This one allows to adjust in real time the maximum power allocated to the charging electric vehicle, according to the consumption of the rest of loads in the house.

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