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Bulk Order

Import multiple SKUs using a simple excel

File must be in .csv format and include "SKU" and "QTY" columns.

Download Sample of .CSV

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Step 1
  • Download the sample.csv format.
  • Open the file in excel or csv format.
Step 2
  • Fill in the Product SKU in Column “A”. SKU is the Commercial Reference or part number.
  • Fill in the Qty in Column “B” against the product. Qty is the number of pieces you want to place in order for
  • Save the file in .csv format.
Step 3
  • Click on “Choose File” and select the .csv file which contains the product SKU and Qty.
  • Click on validate.
  • On successful validation, products will be displayed.
  • Select a seller from the seller dropdown at the bottom right and can add the product to the cart.
  • All available products with selected quantities will be added to the cart.
  • Products that are not available, will not be added to the cart.
Step 4
  • Click on the cart icon
  • Check the product list
  • Complete checkout.