TeSys LRD thermal overload relays - 30...40 A - class 10A


TeSys LRD thermal overload relays - 30...40 A - class 10A

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TeSys LRD thermal overload relays - 30...40 A - class 10A



TeSys LRD thermal overload relay, 40A/690V, thermal setting range 30-40A, tripping class 10A, for protection of 3-phase motors 18.5kW@400V. Differential device with phase failure and load unbalance detection. It provides a thermal adjustement dial, a manual-automatic reset selector, a test selector for simulation of a tripping, reset and stop buttons, a flag indicator and 2 auxiliary contacts 1NO+1NC for fault signalling. Settings are protected by a transparent cover lockable by sealing. Connection by EverLink BTR screw terminals , it connects directly to the bottom terminals of 3-pole contactors LC1D40A-D80A. Mounting on DIN rail or screw fixing, separated from the contactor, with use of a terminal block LAD96560 (to be ordered separately). Multi standards certified (IEC, UL, CSA, CCC, EAC, Marine), Green Premium compliant (RoHs/Reach).

Product details

  • [ue] Rated Operational Voltage
    690 V AC 0...400 Hz for power circuit conforming to IEC 60947-4-1
  • [ui] Rated Insulation Voltage
    power circuit: 600 V conforming to CSA
  • [uimp] Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage
    6 kV
  • Ambient Air Temperature for Operation
    -20-60 °C without derating conforming to IEC 60947-4-1
  • Ambient Air Temperature for Storage
    -60-70 °C
  • Climatic Withstand
    conforming to IACS E10
  • Compatibility Code
  • Control Type
    red push-button: stop
  • Depth
    123 mm
  • Device Short Name
  • Dielectric Strength
    1.89 kV at 50 Hz conforming to IEC 60947-1
  • Flame Retardance
    V1 conforming to UL 94
  • Height
    70 mm
  • Ip Degree of Protection
    IP20 conforming to IEC 60529
  • Mechanical Robustness
    shocks: 15 Gn for 11 ms conforming to IEC 60068-2-7
  • Mounting Support
    plate, with specific accessories
  • Net Weight
    0.375 kg
  • Network Frequency
    0...400 Hz
  • Network Type
  • Product Certifications
  • Product Compatibility
  • Product Name
    TeSys LRD
  • Product or Component Type
    differential thermal overload relay
  • Range
  • Standards
    EN/IEC 60947-4-1
  • Tightening Torque
    control circuit: 1.7 N.m - on screw clamp terminals
  • Width
    55 mm
  • Connections - Terminals
    control circuit: screw clamp terminals 2 cable(s) 1-2.5 mm² flexible without cable end
  • [ith] Conventional Free Air Thermal Current
    5 A for signalling circuit
  • Associated Fuse Rating
    4 A gG for signalling circuit
  • Auxiliary Contact Composition
    1 NO + 1 NC
  • Permissible Current
    0.95 A at 380 V AC-15 for signalling circuit
  • Phase Failure Sensitivity
    tripping current 130 % of Ir on two phase, the last one at 0
  • Relay Application
    motor protection
  • Temperature Compensation
    -20-60 °C
  • Thermal Overload Class
    class 10A conforming to IEC 60947-4-1
  • Thermal Protection Adjustment Range
    30-40 A
  • Tripping Threshold
    1.14 +/- 0.06 Ir conforming to IEC 60947-4-1
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