servo motor BCH, 60mm, 400W, w oil seal, w key, leads con

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This product is part of the Lexium 28 range, an offer of motion servo drives for machines from 0.05 to 4.5kW. The brushless servo motor features a high moment of inertia with maximum mechanical speed of 5000RPM and IP65 parallel keyed shaft without holding brake. It is equipped with a 20bit single-turn absolute encoder, optimized in terms of speed of rotation (3000RPM). It is a second generation servo motors suitable for a wide variety of applications due to the different levels of motor inertia offered. It has a rated supply voltage of 220V, a continuous stall current of 2.19A and a continuous power of 400W. The shaft dimensions are 14mm (Diameter) x 30mm (Length). It is furnished with free lead for electrical connection. It is an IP50 (IM V3) and IP65 (IM B5, IM V1) rated product. Its dimensions are 129mm (Length) x 60mm (Width), centring collar dimensions are 5.5mm (Depth) x 50mm (Diameter) with 70mm circle diameter of the mounting hole. It weighs 1.45kg. This product is compatible with Lexium 28 and Lexium 26D servo drives. It supports Asian standard 60mm flange mount with a natural convection cooling system. Lexium 28 and Lexium BCH2, the optimized servo bundle for all motion control solutions are cost effective, energy efficient and embedded safety. Lexium 28 servo drives and Lexium BCH2 servo motors, optimized servo bundles for compact machines.

Product Details

[us] Rated Supply Voltage 220 V
Ambient Air Temperature for Operation -20-40 °C
Device Short Name BCH2
Electrical Connection free lead
Ip Degree of Protection IP50 IM V3
Length 129 mm
Mounting Support asian standard flange
Net Weight 1.45 kg
Network Number of Phases three phase
Product Compatibility LXM26D servo drive motor at 0.4 kW, 220 V, single phase
Product or Component Type servo motor
Range Compatibility Lexium 28
Accuracy Error [angular] 0.044 °
Back Emf Constant 35 V/krpm at 20 °C
Brake Pull-in Power 11.2 W
Centring Collar Depth 5.5 mm
Centring Collar Diameter 50 mm
Circle Diameter of the Mounting Holes 70 mm
Coefficient 1 -1.87500000003E-05 N.m/rpm
Coefficient 1 5.62440546E-19 N.m/rpm²
Coefficient 1 -2.965143E-22 N.m/rpm3
Coefficient 1 7.11E-26 N.m/rpm4
Coefficient 1 -7.8919E-30 N.m/rpm5
Coefficient 1 3.2E-34 N.m/rpm6
Coefficient 2 0 N.m
Coefficient 2 8.75000000000026E-06 N.m/rpm
Continuous Power 400 W
Continuous Stall Current 2.19 A
Continuous Stall Torque 1.27 N.m for LXM26D at 2.6 A, 220 V, single phase
Distance Shaft Shoulder-flange 5.5 mm
Feedback Type 20 bits single turn absolute encoder
Holding Brake without
Key Width 5 mm
Maximum Axial Force Fa 70 N
Maximum Current Irms 7.76 A for LXM28... at 0.4 kW, 220 V
Maximum Mechanical Speed 5000 rpm
Maximum Permanent Current 2.5 A
Maximum Radial Force Fr 200 N at 3000 rpm
Motor Flange Size 60 mm
Motor Voltage Drop Coefficient 1
Mounting Holes Diameter 5.5 mm
Nominal Output Power 400 W for LXM26D at 2.6 A, 220 V, single phase
Nominal Speed 3000 rpm for LXM26D at 2.6 A, 220 V, single phase
Nominal Torque 1.27 N.m for LXM26D at 2.6 A, 220 V, single phase
Number of Motor Stacks 2
Number of Mounting Holes 4
Peak Stall Torque 3.81 N.m for LXM26D at 2.6 A, 220 V, single phase
Rotor Inertia 0.27 kg.cm²
Saturation Coefficient 1 -3.8243890773E-18
Saturation Coefficient 2 -0.0078140960163432
Saturation Coefficient 3 1.58151428E-19
Shaft Diameter 14 mm
Shaft End keyed
Shaft Length 30 mm
Sizing Reference BCH2
Stator Electrical Time Constant 2.31 ms at 20 °C
Stator Inductance 12 mH at 20 °C
Stator Resistance 5.2 Ohm at 20 °C
Temperature Copper Hot 135 °C
Temperature Magnet Hot 100 °C
Temperature Magnet Rt 20 °C
Torque Constant 0.58 N.m/A at 20 °C
Type of Cooling natural convection

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