Din rail Power meter Modbus with memory


Din rail Power meter Modbus with memory


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Din rail Power meter Modbus with memory


PM3255 DIN mount energy meter with a 128 by 96 pixel backlit, LCD display. The meter provides Class 0.5S accuracy per IEC 62053-22 standard and 32 samples per cycle. The meter will measure Energy, Active and Reactive Power, Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power Factor, Apparent Power, Total Harmonic Distortion and up to 15th Harmonic. The meter will function in a 50Hz or 60Hz network and accepts supply voltage ranging from 100 to 277VAC, 173 to 480VAC and 100 to 300VDC. Line rated current for this meter is 1A or 5A input and will support Single Phase, Single Phase and Neutral or Three Phase configurations. Direct measurement range is 50 to 570VAC, with an external VT 570 to 999000VAC. The range of measurement voltage between Phases is 80 to 570VAC at 45 to 65 Hz. Measurement range between Phase and Neutral is 50 to 330VAC at 45 to 65 Hz. Communication protocol is Modbus RTU and ASCII 2 wires with RS485 port support. Support for two digital input and two digital outputs. The meter offers 512kB of memory for event recording with up to 15 alarms with power and energy consumption logs. Product dimensions are as follows: width 3.54 in (90 mm), depth 2.76in (70 mm), height 3.74 in (95 mm) and product weight 9.17 oz (260 g).

Product details

  • Activity
  • [in] Rated Current
    5 A
  • [us] Rated Supply Voltage
    100...277 V AC 45...65 Hz
  • Ambient Air Temperature for Operation
    -25-55 °C
  • Ambient Air Temperature for Storage
    -40-85 °C
  • Compatibility Code
  • Depth
    70 mm
  • Device Application
  • Device Short Name
  • Display Type
    backlit LCD
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
    electrostatic discharge level 4 conforming to IEC 61000-4-2
  • Height
    95 mm
  • Information Displayed
    tariff (4)
  • Ip Degree of Protection
    IP40 front panel: conforming to IEC 60529
  • Market Segment
    small commercial
  • Mounting Mode
  • Mounting Support
    DIN rail
  • Net Weight
    0.26 kg
  • Network Frequency
    60 Hz
  • Number of Outputs
    2 digital (static)
  • Overvoltage Category
  • Pollution Degree
  • Product Certifications
    CE conforming to EN 61010-1
  • Product Name
    PowerLogic PM3000
  • Product or Component Type
    power meter
  • Range
  • Relative Humidity
    5-95 % at 50-50 °C
  • Standards
    IEC 61557-12
  • Width
    90 mm
  • Accuracy Class
    class 0.5S active energy conforming to IEC 62053-22
  • Analogue Input Type
    current 0...5 A
  • Communication Port Protocol
    Modbus at 9.6...38.4 kbauds
  • Communication Port Support
  • Data Recording
    energy consumption logs
  • Display Resolution
    128 x 96 pixels
  • Frequency Measurement Range
    45-65 Hz
  • Measurement Accuracy
    current 0.3 % 0.5...6 A
  • Measurement Current
    0.02-1.2 A
  • Measurement Voltage
    50-330 V AC 45...65 Hz direct
  • Memory Capacity
    512 kB
  • Number of Inputs
    2 digital 0...4 mA 11...40 V DC
  • Operating Altitude
    0...3000 m
  • Power Consumption in Va
    5 VA
  • Power Quality Analysis
    up to the 15th harmonic
  • Sampling Rate
    32 samples/cycle
  • Type of Measurement
    active and reactive power
  • Poles Description
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