controller M200 24 IO relay+Ethernet

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Activity IDMST
Pincode Group default
Part Number TM200CE24R
ambient air temperature for storage -25-70 °C
depth 70 mm
supply voltage limits 85-264 V
width 130 mm
Discrete output current 2:00 AM
Data storage equipment 32 GB micro SD card (optional)
Clock drift <= 90 s/month at 25-25 °C
Immunity to microbreaks 10 ms
Power consumption in VA 52-64 VA at 100...240 V AC (with max I/O)
Discrete input current 7 mA for input
Voltage state 1 guaranteed >= 15 V for input
Discrete input voltage 24 V
Backup time 3 years at 25 °C (by interruption of power supply)
Voltage state 0 guaranteed <= 5 V for input
Discrete input number I2...I5: 4 fast input, I0, I1, I6, I7: 4 high speed input, I8...I13: 6 regular input
Discrete output type relay normally open
Discrete output number 10 relay
Sensor power supply 24-24 V DC at 250 mA supplied by the controller
Discrete input logic sink or source (positive/negative) type 1 conforming to EN/IEC 61131-2
Discrete input voltage type DC
Maximum number of I/O expansion module 4 with 128 discrete output(s) for transistor output, 4 with 74 discrete output(s) for relay output
Counting input number 4 fast input (HSC mode) at 100 kHz 32 bits
Maximum cable distance between devices unshielded cable: <50 m for input, shielded cable: <10 m for fast input, shielded cable: <10 m for high speed input, unshielded cable: <150 m for output
Maximum current per output common 4 A at COM 2, 4 A at COM 0, 4 A at COM 1
Transmission rate 1.2...115.2 kbit/s (115.2 kbit/s by default) for bus length of 15-15 m for RS485, 1.2...115.2 kbit/s (115.2 kbit/s by default) for bus length of 3-3 m for RS232, 12 Mbit/s for USB, 10/100 Mbit/s for bus length of 100-100 m for Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP
Discrete I/O number 24
Configurable filtering time 0 ms for input, 3 ms for input, 12 ms for input
Discrete output voltage 24 V DC, 220 V AC
Memory capacity 512 byte internal flash for backup of programs
Execution time for 1 KInstruction 0.3 ms for event and periodic task
Regulation loop adjustable PID regulator up to 14 simultaneous loops
Exct time for event task 60 µs response time
Execution time per instruction 0.2 µs Boolean
Minimum load 10 mA at 5 V DC for relay output
vibration resistance 3.5 mm at 5-8.4 Hz on symmetrical rail, 1 gn at 8.4-150 Hz on symmetrical rail, 3.5 mm at 5-8.7 Hz on panel mounting, 2 gn at 8.7-150 Hz on panel mounting
ambient air temperature for operation 0-55 °C (horizontal installation)
standards EN/IEC 61010-2-201, EN/IEC 61131-2
Storage Altitude 0-3000 m
Communication Port Protocol USB port: USB - SoMachine-Network, non isolated serial link: Modbus master/slave - RTU/ASCII or SoMachine-Network, Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP: Modbus TCP/IP client/server
Control Signal Type quadrature (x1, x2, x4) at 100 kHz for fast input (HSC mode), pulse/direction at 100 kHz for fast input (HSC mode), single phase at 100 kHz for fast input (HSC mode), CW/CCW at 100 kHz for fast input (HSC mode)
Switching Frequency 0.1 Hz with maximum load
Electrical Durability 100000 cycles AC-12, 240 V, 480 VA, resistive, 100000 cycles DC-12, 24 V, 48 W, resistive

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